RPG/FPS Open World Android game with Unity

First preview of my game is on YouTube.

I am using a free old Asset from the Unity Asset Store for terrain, weapons and animations. This poor Asset is not available anymore because not supported by its creator.

I intent to create an open World rpg FPS game for mobile. Player will be a warrior and will have to travel all over the world to achieve the main quests and some secondary quests. Using weapons he will have to kill monsters and enemies. He will earn experience, levels and skill points for the skill tree. He will loot weapons, bullets and quest objects on enemies, but no inventory for moment.

Once I will have developed the game logic (shooting/looting ennemies, leveling, skill tree), I plan to use procedurale terrains generations methods for the open world and eventually random levels generations for the dungeons.
I also would like to create a village “by hand” using the free version of detailed medieval village Asset, where the player will start the game and achieve quests.
For the quest system, I plan to use VIDE Dialogues from the Asset store.

Once all of that done, I will publish the game on the Google Play Store with Game Centre, Admob and in-app purchase (xp, weapons, bullets).
Once the game will generate some cash, I intent to purshase some great assets from the Asset store to create a beautyfull open World (full version of Detailed Medieval Village and Forest Environment – Dynamic Nature) and include an inventory.