Azure Functions and Serverless Backend : apropos…

Serverless backend for mobile apps… Do you remember? I talked about that in an article last February. James Montemagno discusses these features in the Xamarin Show. On this occasion, he invited the Program Manager in charge of the Azure Functions: Donna Malayeri. As a gift we receive an excellent presentation of the Azure Functions allowing to create “serverless backend for mobile app”.


Azure Functions, what the hell is it for ?

Do you want to create a connected mobile app without having to develop and manage an entire server? Do you want to benefit from Azure APIs such as authentication, image analysis and recognition, voice recognition, database synchronization (mobile – server) or others? You don’t want to pay before your applications are profitable? Then you must watch this video!

I do not usually relay this kind of raw content. I prefer to test it myself in order to make an accessible article. But the video is really rich and I used this technique for the development of the iOS application Gotago. That’s why I really recommend to take a look at this technology.





So, did you enjoy ?